Rated-PG-13 for Sexual Humor and Language

Reviewed by CS on 12.09.07

In Bring It On All or Nothing, popular Britney Allen (Hayden Panettiere) who is the head cheerleader at posh Pacific Vista High School, and girlfriend of the star quarterback, moves to working-class Crenshaw Heights.  When Britney leaves she takes an oath to NEVER cheer again with anyone else.  Once at Crenshaw Heights High School she finds herself at odds with her new classmates, especially head cheerleader Camille (Solange Knowles-Smith).  Not thinking she has what it takes, Camille invites Britney to tryouts, who, it turns out has what it takes and more.  She is offered a spot on the squad, but turns it down, trying to stay true to her promise. 

She soon realizes though she misses cheering,and won't fit in with anyone but the squad.  So she agrees to join.  She is soon making friends, and has been noticed by member of the cheer squad, Jesse (Gus Carr).

Amidst problems with her so-called boyfriend and starting to fall for her cheermate Jesse, Britney has to face her former team in a cross-town cheer-off to star in music sensation Rihanna's upcoming video, where only one team can "Bring it" and earn a place in cheer history.

This movie is definitly for a more mature audience (sexual references/humor, and language) (8th grade and up), but aside from the negative elements this movie combines different styles of dancing and music, and gives insight to differences of lower working-class people and upper "everything handed to them on a silver platter" people, and how some of them overcome their problems.